domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011


Homework ( Make a project about Buckingham Palace. Answer these questions and bring it on 21st March)

1.-Where is Buckingham Palace?
2.-How old is it?
3.- Who lives here?
4.-How many rooms has the palace got?
5.-How many windows has the palace got?
6.-Is there a police station inside?
7.-Is there a hospital inside?
8.-What for does Queen Elizabeth II use this palace?
9.-How many houses has Queen Elizabeth II got?
10.-where is the Changing of the Guard?
11.-When is the Changing of the Guard?
12.-What are the guards wearing?
13.-Which parks are near this palace?
14.-Can we visit It? When? Write the timetable?
15.-Make the Royal Family Tree.

Look for the answers in these links:

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