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Día de la Constitución ( 6 Diciembre)

Do these activities about The Spanish Constitution.


Read these flash cards 

Translate.The answers are in the flash cards
The Spanish Constitution

1-The Spanish Constitution is a set of rules.      
2-Thanks to these rules we live in a Democracy.   
3-Spain is a Democratic State .   
4-These civilized and democratic rules seek Freedom, Justice and Equality.
5-Everyone can express their ideas without persecution.
6-We can choose our representatives by vote.   
7-Everyone is Equal before the Law.  
8-This is a very important Article of the Constitution.   
9-The capital of Spain is Madrid since King Felipe III move the Court there
    because it was the geographical center of the Spanish Nation.   
10-Carlos III invented the flag of Spain.   
11-Do you know your Rights and Duties?   

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Do these activities.Daily routines.

These activities are about lesson 3. Study and learn.
Click on the pictures ,then click on ejecutar.




These activities are about school.Study and learn.
Click on the pictures, then click on ejecutar.

Geography in English
Learn geography in English with these activities.



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Listen to the video and learn the verb  can

Study and copy
I can           Can I?           I can´t
you can           Can you?      You can´t
He can          Can he?         He can´t
 She can           Can she?       She can´t
It can           Can it?          It can´t
We can           Can we?        We can´t
You can             Can you        You can´t  
They can           Can they?      They can´t

I can count to 100

Listen to the video and learn the numbers