sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013



Shop assistant- Hello. Can I help you?
Mary-Hello, Can I see that  t-shirt, please?
Shop assistant- What, this one?
Mary-Yes, that´s right..Thanks.
Shop assistant-What size are you?
Mary-Twelve, I think.
Shop assistant_ What colour do you prefer?
Shop assistant- Ok, Here you are!
Mary-Thanks. Can I try it on?
Shop assistant- Of course.The changing room is over there.
Mary-Thanks. Oh, I like it. It´s just the right size . How much is it?
Shop assistant- It´s only ten pounds.It´s a special offer
Mary-I`ll take it, please.
Shop assistant- How about a nice skirt to match? 
Mary-Well Ok. I´ll look great .I´ll take it ,too.
Shop assistant-  They are 25 pounds.With credit card or cash?
Mary-Catch. Here you are
Shop assistant-Thanks.
Mary- Bye
Shop assistant -Bye