miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Día de la Constitución ( 6 Diciembre)

Do these activities about The Spanish Constitution.


Read these flash cards 

Translate.The answers are in the flash cards
The Spanish Constitution

1-The Spanish Constitution is a set of rules.      
2-Thanks to these rules we live in a Democracy.   
3-Spain is a Democratic State .   
4-These civilized and democratic rules seek Freedom, Justice and Equality.
5-Everyone can express their ideas without persecution.
6-We can choose our representatives by vote.   
7-Everyone is Equal before the Law.  
8-This is a very important Article of the Constitution.   
9-The capital of Spain is Madrid since King Felipe III move the Court there
    because it was the geographical center of the Spanish Nation.   
10-Carlos III invented the flag of Spain.   
11-Do you know your Rights and Duties?   

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