sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Project about Web

Read this example and then, write your web.

My name is Enrique and my surname is Smith.
I am twelve years old and my birthday is in July.
I live in York, England, but I´m from London.
I live in a big house with my parents, my brothers and my dog.
I have got two brothers.Their names are Bob and Tom.
They are younger than me.
Bob is eight and Tom is five.
My dog is called Beethoven.I am in year 7. My school is near my house. I go to school on foot..
I have got a lot of friends but my best friend is Kevin
My favourite day is Friday and my favourite month is August because I always go to the beach in August.
My fovouritre colour is blue. My bedroom is painted in this colour.
My favourite subject is Maths but I like Science too.
I don´t like Language.
I speak French and Spanish.
My favourite sport is tennis and my favourite tennis player is Nadal.
I go to tennis class on Saturdays.
Everybody should do sport.
My favourite football player is Casillas.
My favourite singer is Shakira and my favourite song is Waka ,Waka.
I like adventure films and my favourite film is Stargate.
My favourite book is Wicked. I read after dinner every day.
I like italian food and I love spaghetti.
I get up at seven o´clock and I go to bed at eleven o´clock.
I study every day because I want to be a doctor.
I can swim and sing but I can´t dance.
I play the drums .
I don´t smoke because is dangerous. , and you?
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  1. Está muy bien, me ha dado una idea...
    Lourdes Delgado

  2. Perfect. You can choose some sentences or write another ones